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THE SIXTY-SIXTY HU OFFICE is located on the Third  Floor Lobby Area.  The Hotel Front Desk is for guest check-in and check-out only.  All Unit Owners must go to the Management Office located on the 3nd Floor.

Sixty-Sixty Owners’ New Phone & Text  Contact:  (954) 405-2029

OFFICE HOURS:  Tuesday - Wednesday - Thursday  10am-3pm

all other hours are by appointment only.  The Management Office located on the Third Floor will be open from 10am to 3pm  on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday effective 2/20/2016.  This is necessary to reduce the operating expenses of the buidling until such time as the seriously  delinquent owners pay their balances. We need to avoid another building closure.



Sixty Sixty offers a unique form of Hotel Condominium ownership on Miami Beach but ownership of a unit at Sixty Sixty comes with many restrictions.  Unlike other residential condos on Miami Beach, Sixty Sixty is a Hotel and not a residential condominium.  In addition, Sixty Sixty is not your typical Condo due to the unique ownership structure of the real property (building) as well as the unique condominium documents and by-laws that make up the condominium association for the  Sixty Sixty Condominium Association.  

The Sixty Sixty property (Building, Garage, Parking Lot)  are  owned by the Hotel Unit Owner (HU).  The HU owner owns  what the documents refer to as the "Share Components”  of the building.  It is the Hotel Unit Owner (HU) that has the responsibility to maintain  the building.  It is the responsibility of all Unit Owners to fund the annual budget and any budget deficiencies that may occur from time to time as related to the operation of the building.  In fact the Condominium Documents are very clear as the Unit Owners must fund 100% of the operation of the building as set by the Hotel Owner (HU).

The Hotel Operation is owned and operated by Casablanca Rental Services (CRS) and as the Building opens after being closed for an extended period of time the Hotel has 50 Unit Owners under contract and part of the New Sixty-Sixty on the Bay.  The Hotel is currently in “talks” with 16 other unit owners in cooperation with the Schecher Group (HU Owner) to increase the total Hotel Unit Count to 66 over the next 90 days.  The PLAN in effect has the Hotel Company, in cooperation with the individual unit owners, using the monthly rental revenues generated by the Hotel to pay down the Units HU Balance which keeps our building open & operational by generating the Cash Flow required to pay the building’s operating costs.  This PLAN in cooperation with the Hotel, Unit Owners, and the HU Owner guarantees the Sixty-Sixty will never remain closed again because certain owners refuse to pay their maintenance fees to the HU Owner as required by the Condo Documents. 


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                                       Telephone: & Text: (954) 405-2029       Email: owner.coordinator@schechergroup.com